Iwatobi Rinrin

I want him to transferrrr. It’s not fair. ;~;

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meganebu! is one of my favorite anime!

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Meganebu Click and Drag

Includes 15 characters! (which isn’t all of them~ There’s a couple I forgot so sorry if you wanted them included).

Can be screen printed (works best on ipad… and maybe other tablets(?)) or you’ll probably have to make it smaller for it to fit on a full screen (ctrl+minus button).

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when you blacklist someone and they keep changing their url


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introducing your friends to tumblr


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a little something from the Meganebu! drama CD

oh meganebu! i think i’ve fallen for you~

the anime is out in october but i’ve already fallen for the drama CD and the manga and the previews and oh goodness it’s so bright and happy and

OH GOODNESS how i ship these two so much cream puffs and all!

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Takuma being friendly with a ghost.

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I will… always be waiting for you

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